Another Little Set Back

Written by wsigenesis on . Posted in Journal

Sorry I’m a little slow today with the update but we had a little set back this morning as Mike had to have a kidney procedure. Once again there was some “bathroom” issues but this time it was with the kidneys. He was having some trouble urinating so they have put in stints from the kidneys to the bladder. They are hoping this will give him some relief and possibly help with the fluids.

If all goes well with this and we get the pain under control, he can once again go home in a couple days.

We have some decisions to make about the cancer but haven’t come up with all the answers yet. Mike wants to fight it and try everything but He’s been so sleepy, we haven’t had a lot of time to talk about it. We are also thinking of going for a second opinion…figure we don’t have anything to lose.

Oddly enough we got the name of a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital from two different people yesterday. Mike has decided that he wants to wait until he gets a couple days rest before we proceed. I did speak with the doctor this morning on his personal cell phone and started the ball rolling.

All of your words, support and well wishes have been overwhelming! Mike just shakes his head when I read them to him. Thank you!