Change of Plans

Written by wsigenesis on . Posted in Journal

We’ve had a change of plans in Mike’s treatment and the liver is no longer our priority. We just learned that they found cancer when doing the hernia surgery so the liver issues have been put on the back burner. He has been diagnosed with adrenocarcinoma which is a cancer of the gland. Right now we don’t know where that is but they are suspecting it’s in the GI tract….possibly the colon but not sure.

He will be going for some tests tonight on the upper GI and then next week on the lower GI area. We have to wait for the hernia to heal before proceeding with the lower area. He will also be seeing the oncologist next week. He’s still in a lot of pain in the back area so they will also be doing some x-rays there to see what is causing that. Once they get his white blood cells to where they want them, he can be released from here….possibly Thursday or Friday. They are monitoring this with antibiotics.

Mike seems to be handling the news as well as he can….a bit scared as can be expected. It was quite a shock to all of us, including his liver

Please keep him in your prayers and thank you again for all your kind words!