Mike’s Hat

Written by wsigenesis on . Posted in Journal

Just to clarify Mike’s hat was his neck pillow that one of the boys plopped on his head. Actually, it’s my neck pillow that I don’t really share with anyone but decided that I could probably share with Mike.

Wish I had better news today but I feel like we just keep running into more battles to fight….guess we just have to fight harder! He had 4 liters of fluid drained again this morning. His blood pressure is very, very low so that is of some concern and also the kidney docs were back in today as the kidneys still aren’t functioning properly. The doctors said it could all be a little too soon to tell from the procedure yesterday and will monitor closely!!

On a brighter note, he looks pretty darn handsome today as the boys gave him a shave. I’m not sure I would have let them come near me with a razor but Mike did!! They also offered to do the other end but Mike drew the line there! They’re GREAT help and I don’t know what I would do without them!!!

Mike is resting pretty peacefully right now so hopefully some rest will do him good. Not sure how anyone gets any sleep in the hospital as someone is always coming in to poke and prod something!

Let’s hope and pray all of these complications turn around so that he can get home to his recliner!!