September 15, 2011

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What would we do without all of our wonderful family and friends? We are truly blessed to have each of you in our lives. We found out late afternoon yesterday that Mike has pancreatic cancer….this was certainly not what we expected or wanted to hear. We are now awaiting a visit from the oncologist to see where we go from here.

Mike had 3.5 liters of fluid drained from his belly again this morning so at least he’s a bit more comfortable now. They are testing that and if the white blood cells are good and depending on the oncologist, there’s a chance he’s going to be able to escape from this place and go home.

He ate more food at breakfast this morning than I’ve seen him eat lately so hopefully that’s a good sign.

Thanx to all of you for your kind words, prayers, hugs, food and everything else that you’ve done for us!! Keep those prayers coming!!