September 18, 2011

Written by wsigenesis on . Posted in Journal

Seems Mike likes hospital food or beds better than his own as we are BACK at UIC. We thought he was returning to his old room even but that didn’t happen.

He didn’t feel as good this morning as he did yesterday morning…..more pain and then more constipation because of the pain. I knew he wasn’t feeling well when he didn’t even want to watch the Bears game so we left 12 family members at our house and went to the closest ER. They were able to get him comfortable but we had to wait 5 1/2 hours for the ambulance to take us back to UIC.

He didn’t think it was necessary for me to follow the ambulance but it’s a good thing I did. They went to the wrong hospital and I had to flash my lights…which Mike saw from the ambulance… get them to pull over.

We are now here waiting for the doctor to come. He’s resting pretty comfortably though so that’s good. It doesn’t sound like we missed much with the Bears today either.

Will keep you all posted……..