September 21, 2011

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Thank you to all of you for your kind words and support. We really do appreciate it.

The oncologist came to visit us yesterday and we didn’t get great news. Mike has pancreatic cancer along with liver failure. There is not much treatment for either one because of complications of each of the issues he’s got going on. Chemo would be very harsh on the liver and the fluid that has built up in the abdomen also has been affected with cancer so it’s not something they can treat.

There are some drugs they can try but there is no cure. We have some decisions to make as to whether or not to proceed with trying medications or not. We will probably meet with the oncologist again tomorrow.

Today we’ve been concentrating on getting him out of pain and controlling his fluid intake. He’s still very tired and sleeps most of the day. He did have a few visitors which he seemed to enjoy.