September 27, 2011

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Dustin spent the day with Mike today as well as Mike’s sister Laurie. Thanx Laurie for hanging with your bro today. Mitch and I came in the afternoon along with Mike’s sister Lynn. His other sister Debbie has been here quite often too and we LOVE the fact that his sisters hang with us!!!

It was another emotional day in Room 714. The oncology team met with us earlier in the day and we didn’t receive good news. Mike is just too sick to withstand any chemo. His liver and kidneys just aren’t strong enough for it. Then the kidney team came in the afternoon and told us that his kidneys are failing. They just aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. So, we had to decide whether to do dialysis or not.

We have decided to try it…hopefully, it will make Mike a little stronger and not so lethargic. He’s really sleepy and seems a bit cloudy at times and the doctors believe that it’s coming from the toxins from the kidneys. If we can get the kidneys working with dialysis, maybe he will be more alert and have a little more quality of life. We are still going to have to monitor the fluids in the belly too and have that drained every other day.

He will have the port put in in the morning and then start dialysis tomorrow afternoon. Pray to God that this works like they hope and makes Mike more comfortable. I HATE the fact that he’s hurting so!!!

Mike’s attitude seems to be okay…he said today that it’s all a bit overwhelming and it’s hard to know what to do. I told him he has every right to be overwhelmed…we all are!!!!

He had a a good night tho as we had some GREAT friends (once again) bring us a good meal and he enjoyed visiting with them. He was pretty pooped when we all left and was looking forward to sleeping.