September 29, 2011

Written by sherris on . Posted in Journal

Mike is once again having another dialysis treatment. Sounds like they’re going to do another treatment tomorrow and then try for 3 times per week. He’s got much more fluid in his belly and they were hoping that dialysis might help with that. If not, they will have to drain again.

Unfortunately, all this fluid really gives him back pain. The pain meds seem to help but then he just sleeps. It would be nice to have him coherent but we certainly don’t want him in pain. When Dustin arrived this morning, he sent me a picture of Mike sleeping on his side in bed….it was the best picture I had seen in a long time. He hasn’t reclined to sleep since he’s been in the hospital so that was a good sign.

Mom, Dad and Shelly arrived late last night and they got a great big smile from Mike today when they walked in his room. Mike and Sandy should be here any minute and Rick and Patty will be here tonight. It’s wonderful to have them all here!!