Sleepy Boy

Written by wsigenesis on . Posted in Journal

Mike’s had a few visitors today but he hasn’t been the most gracious host as he’s been sleeping the day away. That’s okay…….maybe this means he’s comfortable and getting some much needed rest.

The doctor said the kidneys are stable for now so that is a little bit of good news!! We could use some.

We’re going to meet with the liver specialist and oncologist together next week and see what the next plan of action is. We wanted to get past this little hurdle first and try to get him a bit stronger. Speaking of getting stronger, Mike enjoyed some chicken tetrazzini and lemon gelato tonight thanks to our great family and friends!!

A big thank you also to my grocery delivery ladies this morning….we are enjoying all the snacks!!
Mike’s mom is 75 years old today so let’s keep her in our prayers too!